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Rectangular Vibrating Screens
Rotary Screener
Tumbler screen
Rotary Screener-Gyratory-Reciprocating Screener
Ratory screen-Gyratory separator
Fertilizer Gyratory Screener
Rotary Screener For Animal Feed Pellet
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Grape destemming removing machine
Double Screw Extractor for Pressing Waste
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Horizontal Ribbon Blender Mixer
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The Y series vibration motor is used as a strong vibration source of all types of vibration machines such as vibrating screen , vibration feeder, vibration conveyor, vibration anti-clogging device. It is widely used in the industries such as metallurgical, power, mining, coal, chemical, light industry, cement and electric, etc.


1, Vibration force is compatible with the output appropriately and the motor is light in weight and small in size;
2, The noise is very low because of the vibration produced by smoothly rotation.
3, Due to the total enclosure structure, it can be applied under any dust circumstances without explosion-proof requirement;
4, Just adjusting the angle of centrifugal weight is able to regulate the vibration force steplessly.
5, Long service life. The bearing longevity of 2 pole motor is up to 5, 000 hours and 4, 6, 8 pole are even at 10, 000 hours.
6, Various vibration forms can be combined by several motors to meet each kind of working requirement.
7, Abundant kinds and complete specifications are able to satisfy each kind of working requirement.


Three-phase voltage from 24V to 690V
50Hz or 60Hz
2, 4, 6 and 8 standard poles
Continual service (S1)
Centrifugal force
Range extended up to 250 KN
Insulation class
Class B, Class F, class H on request
Lev Electric motor el of protection
IP 54, IP55, IP 65 on request
Electric motor
Three-phase asynchronous motor
Environmental temperature
Less than 40 degree Centigrade
No more than 1000 meters
Install method
Any direction

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